Funky Groove Blues-Dipped in Jazz

See everybody at Cuvee this Thursday, April 24 in the Tower District for Classic Rock n Blues.

We are excited to announce Troy is a Gibson Guitar Artist, he will be rocking the Gibsons Thursday night, come check it out.

Woodward Avenue has agreed to join the JaRic Record Label. Details coming soon...

Woodward Avenue is on KMPH FOX 26 "Great Day" Morning Show with Kopi Sotiropulos & Kim Stephens. Today's show was a success!!
We had a great time and we want to thank, Jim Fishback at "Fresno Piano Gallery" for the Bosendorfer, it sounded amazing!  Thanks to everyone who tuned in and watched.

Watch Us Perform 5 Songs on KMPH Live here:

Click the Link Below


Our Youtube Channel is also up, go check it out: "Woodward Avenue Music".


More news; Troy Michael is in the studio finishing up his Solo Record! He did his song, "Do What You Do", on KMPH Fox 26, which is not normally a part of the Woodward Avenue show but everyone has been asking about it. So he felt it was a good time to finish what he started.

He's working at the Firehouse Studio in Pasadena on it and it's going great. We're looking forward to a June/ July release on that, we'll keep you posted...